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Identity Design

Identity Design is the bread and butter of what we do at Finch, and the work done and vision cast here spills over into all the other projects we tackle. Custom Identity projects start with our in-depth business analysis, and can include:
• Business Naming
• Logo Design
• Brand Guide
• Business System
• Signage
• Launch Strategy

Web Design

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And, for most businesses, your website is the first time potential customers are introduced to your brand. At Finch, we construct sites that align with your brand, adequately communicate who you are and what you do, and are clear and easy to use.

Social Media

Social Media is an opportunity to communicate your brands values, vision and offerings to the world in a way that can lead to more business as well as build culture. In addition to helping our clients communicate what they do or sell, our goal is to create a social strategy that actually builds up employees by publicly praising who they are and what they contribute to your team. Culture is key to any thriving business, and our hope is that social media can be an integral piece in your plan.

Creative Direction

At Finch, we love to come alongside businesses to provide creative direction for new and existing brands. We have found that oftentimes businesses need a Creative Director, but are not quite big enough to need one full time. In those instances, we stand in that gap as part of your team to ensure professional, consistent design and communication.

Additional Services

Additional services include, but are not limited to:
• Photography & Video
• Illustration
• Copywriting
• Print Management & Brokering
• Brand Audits
• Digital Marketing & Advertising
• SEO / SEM Services
• Event & Tradeshow Design